Information & Communication Technology
Andrea Bassetto

Open Fiber Information & Communication Technology Director

After graduating in Electronic Engineering from Milan Polytechnic, he joined Sirti S.p.A. where he held various positions both in Italy and abroad, before taking up the role of IT Director in 1997.

In 2000, he was involved with setting up Fastweb S.p.A., contributing to the development of the first triple-play offer of voice, data, and video services over fiber and ADSL networks, until he became Head of the IT Department.

He joined Vodafone Automotive in 2012 as Chief Technology Officer with the responsibility of overseeing the design, delivery and operation of telematics services for the automotive and insurance markets.

He continued his career at EB World S.r.l. in 2020 where he held the position of Chief Operating Officer, coordinating the design and development of GIS software for the PA and Telecommunications and Utilities sectors.