Elisabetta Ripa

CEO and Managing Director of Open Fiber

Elisabetta Ripa

Elisabetta Ripa has been CEO of Open Fiber since January 2018. Born in Turin in 1965, she graduated in Economics and Business at La Sapienza University in Rome and completed her managerial education at INSEAD in Fontainebleau. In 1988 she began her career in PromoMedia Italia and since 1990 has developed professionally in Telecom Italia Group where she has held managerial positions of increasing responsibility in Business Development, International Development and Finance. She was Head of the Mobile Services Division (TIM), then CEO of Sparkle Group, a leading carrier in the international wholesale market for voice, data and ICT services. In 2015 she moved to Argentina where she held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Argentina S.A., the leading telecommunications and digital services operator in South America, coordinating, among other things, the company’s growth and the subsequent merger with the main cable operator.

She was Chairperson of Personal S.A., LanMed Nautilus Ltd, TIS North America Inc. and member of the Board of Directors of Avea in Turkey, Stet Hellas in Greece and Autogrill Spa. She sits on the Advisory Board of IAB.

She is married with two sons aged 13 and 21.