General Manager
Mario Rossetti
Mario Rossetti

Mario Rossetti served as Director of Administration, Finance and Control (CFO) of Open Fiber from March 2017 to August 2021. From March 2019 to August 2021 he also was a member of the Board of Directors of Open Fiber, by that time he has held the position of General Manager of the company.

He graduated in Economics and Business from the LUISS University of Rome and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, where he studied on the Owner/President Management Programme (OPM 37).

He held financial management positions at the Banca di Roma and Benetton Group and was the Financial Director of Vodafone.

In 1999 he was one of the founders of Fastweb, holding the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), until 2005, when he became a member of the Board of Directors.

In 2011 he became CEO and Chairman of Cobra Automotive Technologies of which he oversaw the sale to Vodafone PLC in 2014.

From 2015 to 2017 he was President and CEO of Maccorp Group, a company working in the financial services for tourism market.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors of several companies including Cremonini S.p.A, Ferretti Yatching, Mid Industry Capital and G.B. Ambrosoli.

In 2017 he was the promoter and founder of SEM, an independent publishing house.