Procurement & Logistics
Renato Ronconi

Open Fiber Procurement & Logistics Director

Graduated in 1994 in Electrical Engineering, Information and Management Systems at the Milan Polytechnic.

In 1997, after a short stint with the company La Rinascente S.p.a. in the field of information systems, he joined Olivetti S.p.a., where his professional career started in the fields of purchasing and telecommunications.

Between 2001 and 2021 he gained further professional experience with Telecom Italia S.p.a. Group where he held various positions of increasing responsibility in the procurement and operations fields, firstly as Head of Facility Management Purchasing & Make or Buy, and then as VP Group Chief Purchasing Officer, Head of Field Services Procurement, Head of Access NetworkNetwork In computer language, the term network defines a set of hardware and software devices which, when linked together, enable the exchange and sharing of resources, data or information. In a computer network, the devices that generate, route and terminate data are called network nodes. Procurement & Logistics, VP Network Procurement, Head of Fixed Network Operations North West Area, and finally having the senior management role of Head of Fixed & Mobile Network Development North West Area.

From 2021 he became “Telecommunications Advisor in the Cabinet Office of the Minister” in the Ministry of Economic Development.

On 17 October 2022 he joined Open Fiber to take up the role of Head of Infrastructure Purchasing of the non-Conventional Network, Housing and Logistics for the Procurement & Logistics Department.