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Open Fiber Health, Safety and the Environmental Goals

The health and safety of our workers and the environment in which they operate are of great importance to us. For this reason we have established a series of objectives that can guarantee these aspects and prevent risk situations. 

More specifically, we seek to:

  • minimise the causes of possible injuries, accidents and occupational illnesses;
  • take action to identify hazards, assess connected risks and adopt measures to eliminate or, if this isn’t possible, reduce them. We periodically assess our results, making any appropriate adjustments if necessary;
  • guarantee the utmost safety of our employees and of all other people present in our worksites and throughout the entire production cycle. Open Fiber prioritises collective protection measures over individual protection measures;
  • guarantee respect for current legislation, regulations and internal procedures, which are periodically assessed and updated;
  • consider the environment when carrying out our company activities, identifying actions to prevent and/or mitigate negative environmental impacts;
  • promote and study the application of best practices to ensure continuous improvement;
  • guarantee that all recipients, as part of their roles and expertise, are informed and trained to work with full awareness of the potential risks connected with their working activities, in both ordinary and emergency situations;
  • propagate and consolidate a culture of safety and environmental awareness, promoting the involvement and consultation of workers also through their representatives;
  • define and monitor, through specific assessment criteria, the performances of product and service suppliers and involve them in meeting the workplace health and safety and environmental awareness goals that the company has set itself;
  • guarantee collaboration and transparency with the authorities, institutions and associations in order to ensure the maximum contribution in terms of commitment and responsibility.