Corporate structure

Open Fiber S.p.A. is a company founded in December 2015, whose aim is to realise the installation, supply and service of fiber optic high-speed electronic networks in all the country.

Open Fiber’s plan is to ensure the coverage of major Italian cities and also the connection of industrial areas, to realise an ultra broadband network that is as widespread and efficient as possible.

Open Fiber’s shareholding consists of an equal participation between Enel S.p.A. and Cdp Equity S.p.A. (CDPE), a company of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group.

In December 2016, a shareholder’s Committee decided to appoint Tommaso Pompei as Chief Executive Officer and Franco Bassanini as Chairman.

In January 2018, Elisabetta Ripa, former Director of Open Fiber, took over for Tommaso Pompei as the company’s CEO.



Board of Directors

Executive Chairman

Franco Bassanini

Chief Executive Officer

Elisabetta Ripa


Francesca Di Carlo
Matteo Fanciullacci
Francesca Romana Napolitano
Mario Rossetti

Supervisory Board


Donatella Cinelli

Statutory auditors

Andrea Donnini
Pietro La China

Alternate Auditors

Anna Rosa Adiutori
Corrado Canziani