Open Fiber is a pathway into the future.

The most recent great invention of the third millennium is the FTTHFTTH "Fiber to the Home" è la tecnologia che collega i POP, siti nelle centrali, alle unità immobiliari degli utenti finali con la fibra ottica. (Fiber To The Home) optical fiber network, which is able to unite all of Italy and every corner of the world.

“La nostra strada” – “Our path” – is an integrated communications project that describes how we fulfil our mission. The great Open Fiber challenge to develop an ultra-fast, efficient and widespread network, i.e. our path towards the future. A vision that we decided to convey by taking a look at the real lives of people and their communities, and which will gradually take shape week by week.

We will tell you about a little community where people’s lives and stories are intertwined. The farmer, the artisan, the hotel owner: all committed to reviving the fortunes of their town. In the background, the stories of two youngsters who grow and build their futures.

Video interviews

The direct testimonies of mayors and representatives of local authorities can help us to understand the clear advantages of fast fibre optic connections. Greater speed and stability means better services for citizens and the tourism industry, as well as for the economic and social development of the local area.


Interview with Costabile Spinelli, mayor of Castellabate (SA)

Interview with Mattia Gemelli, chairman of Rio town council, Elba (LI)

Interview with Mattia Gemelli, chairman of Rio town council, Elba (LI)

Interview with Lucio Marziale, culture councillor of Isola del Liri (FR)