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Now we’ve got to you, check out the offers from our partners who use our 100% optical fiber network.

Ultrainternet Fibra Fino a 1 Giga powered by Open Fiber
€ 25,95
al mese 1Gbps/300Mbps
Modem e Attivazione GRATIS
Offer updated on 19/03/2020
UltraFibra Sorgenia fino a 1Gbps powered by Open Fiber. I primi 3 mesi GRATIS e Echo Dot in regalo
Modem e Attivazione GRATIS
€ 25,9
al mese con prezzo bloccato
Attivando Luce&Gas con Sorgenia
Offer updated on 26/02/2020
Fibra.City SMART Fino a 1.000 MEGA Powered By Open Fiber
1.000 Mbps / 300 Mbps
€ 20,95
Al mese 1.000 Mbps / 300 Mbps
Attivaz. pagata da Fibra.City
Offer updated on 25/12/19

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