At Open Fiber we are working to develop an ultra broadband (UBB) optical fiber network that can bring Italy up to speed.

To achieve this goal we need to form partnerships with businesses that are able to guarantee the high standards to which we aspire. Only in this way will we be able to help connect the country.

Quality, transparency and sustainability of supplies are the principles which we hold dear. For this reason we subject our suppliers to a qualification process, a transparent system open to companies and professionals interested in working with us.

To be included on Open Fiber’s suppliers’ list, prospective suppliers must state one or more Product Areas in which they operate.

Open Fiber has two distinct qualification processes:

In the procedures for allocating works, services and supply contracts in its role as Licensee (C&D) for the development and management of a passive ultra broadband infrastructure, Open Fiber complies with the provisions outlined in its Operating Manual, as approved by Licensor Infratel Italia S.p.A. .

In order to participate in Open Fiber’s tenders (called for so-called ‘White Spots’) economic operators must have adhered to the Access Mechanism (ref. Operating Manual).

All access requests received will be subject to suitability checks by a specific Access Mechanism Committee which will communicate the assessment results to each economic operator.

Operating manual
Regulation on the provisions in the executive phase
Updated Operators List

Open Fiber announces that the new product category ‘SERLIC – Industrial and Commercial Logistics Services’ has been published.


Open Fiber communicates that in order to participate in the assignment procedures (C&D Clusters) which will be held in November 2019, consideration will only be given to those Operators that presented a valid and complete application for adhesion to the Access Mechanism by 13.00 on 23/10/19 and were deemed to possess all of the necessary […]


“We hereby notify all participating Operators that in accordance with art. 7.7 of the Operating Manual OF has updated the SERTEP product area (rev.2) in order to permit the maximum participation of economic operators in observance of the principles outlined in articles 2 and 6 of the Operating Manual. This update also modifies the access […]

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