We bring optical fiber directly into homes

In today’s world an Internet connection has become a primary necessity like water, gas and electricity. The FTTH network represents the epitome of technology and performance.

For this reason we want to bring optical fiber directly into homes and offices and guarantee access to the most advanced internet services via Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology, which exploits all the potential of the network and ensures faster, more efficient and more reliable data transmission.

The Open Fiber ultra broadband connection also makes it possible to use multiple devices all simultaneously connected to the home network. And that’s not all: optical fiber connections permit the installation of domotics systems with all signals centralised in a single hub. Excellent performances and notable financial savings are therefore guaranteed.

The benefits of optical fiber


Information travels far more quickly (1 Gigabit per second). In addition, FTTH guarantees greater speed of access.


Optical fiber is more stable and more productive because it is less subject to interruptions and technical issues compared with copper, and it also guarantees lower maintenance costs.


Thanks to the high speed of optical fiber it is possible to connect multiple devices simultaneously.


Installing optical fiber in a home or office increases its value.


The telecommunications networks of the future will travel along optical fiber and will make it possible to access the most innovative services.