Check the map of the municipalities in White Areas covered by the UBB network.

In accordance with Open Fiber’s information and transparency obligations as the winner of the Infratel tenders, we’ve made an interactive map available to users. The map gives a detailed overview of the status of work involved both FTTH and FWA technology for each individual municipality in the White Areas.

More specifically, users can (where available) check the year in which work will begin at a municipality (Work Plan) and the status of the work (Work Status: Design, Setting Up, Underway, Finalisation, Work Completed, Tested, Available to Operators), complete with all relevant information (PU, CPA/LPA, OdE Amount, Contractor, PM Supplier/SSC).

Data valid as of 7 October 2019.

FTTH – Fiber To The Home;

FWA – Fixed Wireless Access;

UI – Unità Immobiliari;

PAC/PAL – Pubblica Amministrazione Centrale / Pubblica Amministrazione Locale;

• Importo OdE – Importo Ordine di Esecuzione;

Fornitore DL/CSE – Fornitore Direttore Lavori / Coordinatore della Sicurezza in fase di Esecuzione;

(*): For FWA connections, in the event that a municipality has the status “Underway” but doesn’t show any information relating to the “OE Amount”, “Contractor” or “PM Supplier/SSC”, this means that the coverage for the PUs belonging to this municipality is ensured by FWA radio base stations positioned in neighbouring municipalities.

(**): Download the table comparing the Open Fiber and Infratel websites in regard to “Work Site Status”.

List of work sites

Download this document to see a list of all work sites whose status is Underway for both FTTH and FWA connections for all municipalities covered by the Infratel tenders won by Open Fiber for the creation of the UBB network in Italy’s White Areas.

Download Data valid as of 4 November 2019.