This section contains the Base Qualification Requirements for suppliers in goods categories active in A&B Clusters:

RQB BAA00: Supply of optical fiber cable

RQB BAB00/BAB04: Supply of networkNetwork In computer language, the term network defines a set of hardware and software devices which, when linked together, enable the exchange and sharing of resources, data or information. In a computer network, the devices that generate, route and terminate data are called network nodes. elements

RQB LAA00: Works for the creation of telecommunications infrastructure

RQB LAA01: Delivery work for fiber optic telecommunications networks

RQB SAA00/SAA02: Technical/Professional services – Project Management and Site Safety Coordinator

RQB SAB00: Archaeological Services

ACQOPF: Scouting Supplies

ACQOPL: Scouting Works

ACQOPS: Scouting Services