We bring optical fiber to businesses

Smart working, remote medicine, the informatisation of public services with the guarantee of the efficient management of energy and an increase in safety. These are just some of the innovative services enabled by optical fiber through which we can make a tangible contribution to the economic development and progress of society.

The presence of FTTHFTTH "Fiber to the Home" è la tecnologia che collega i POP, siti nelle centrali, alle unità immobiliari degli utenti finali con la fibra ottica. networks guarantees significant energy savings and ensures notable performances in numerous areas, such as teleworking, remote trainingand e-governmentE-Government Contrazione di "Electronic Government", meglio noto come amministrazione digitale, è l’uso combinato di computer, dispositivi mobili e rete internet per consentire alle Pubbliche Amministrazioni di offrire servizi ai cittadini o ad altri enti pubblici e privati..

FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networks are of real benefit to the general public, public authorities and businesses because they enable innovative, useful and efficient services.

Services for businesses


Industry 4.0

In Industry 4.0 optical fiber facilitate the connection between physical and digital systems, complex analysis via Big Data and real-time adaptation.


Here the key concepts are the optimised management of electricity consumption, the reduction of environmental impact and greater efficiency.

Research and training

FTTH facilitates the sharing of research activities, online training and the promotion of universities.


Optical fiber networks facilitate the optimisation of traffic, the use of public transport and the reduction of CO2 and noise pollution.