For Open Fiber, optical fiberOptical fiber A cable made of glass fiber through which a light signal is transmitted over long distances for broadband network access. Compared to copper cables, optical fiber can transmit signals much faster, up to 40 Gigabits per second. It is therefore ideal for quickly transferring large amounts of data; it is also unaffected by external interference (electromagnetic interference, temperature variations, etc.). While fiber optics certainly offers the advantage of fast, high-quality and secure data transmission, its high installation cost is a drawback for network builders. Read the news to find out more: “Optical fiber, what it is and how it works”. means change. Our aim is to construct the digital highway of the future and to achieve this we need committed, passionate and qualified people.

Being pioneers

Our focus on the future is our trump card.

We take a keen interest in the outside world in order to explore new scenarios, develop our expertise and design innovative solutions. In our company, there is always room for experimentation, trial and even error.

People and team

Our team is the lynchpin of our success.

We recognize and believe in the value of the team and are committed to creating a unique environment in which everyone can fulfill their potential and talent. It is our responsibility to maintain a strong sense of belonging, pride and motivation among our workers.

Focus on excellence

We strive to do our best every day.

Every day we ask ourselves what we can do to make a difference. For us, excellence lies in attention to detail, quality and the desire to achieve ambitious goals. Responsibility, expertise and intellectual honesty are the values that inspire us and the traits of those who work for us.

Beyond expectations

Our collective ambition breeds competition.

Our work is driven by our curiosity and desire to push the envelope. We aren’t just content to sit on our laurels, always setting ourselves challenging new goals. We tap into everyone’s experiences, questioning ourselves and existing models without allowing ourselves to be discouraged by obstacles and unforeseen events.

Welfare and People Care

People are the true key to the company’s success. They are our most important resource. Every day we concern ourselves with their wellbeing.

Flexible hours, welfare, work-life balance, health insurance and services for people’s wellbeing and health are just some of our solutions for improving the quality of life of our employees.

The best individual and team results are only achieved in a serene company environment. This is why the working environment is one of our priorities.


Growth and training

Everybody is unique and Open Fiber guarantees tailor-made training and professional growth courses to develop and enhance everyone’s personal skills and capabilities.

Aligned with the company’s culture, mission and values, the Open Fiber “excellence model” outlines the skills, attitudes and expertise required of those that work with us so that everyone can express their professional and human potential.

This model is used in all our staff development, training, assessment and feedback processes.

We place a lot of importance on professional growth and we create the conditions so that our people can pursue a career path that is consistent with their skills and expectations.