The work plan for the deployment of ultra-broadbandBroadband The term broadband, in telecommunications, generally refers to the transmission and reception of information data at a connection speed of over 144 kb/s. Broadband organises different channels, conveying different content in the form of data, such as Internet radio, animation, audio files and high-definition video. (UBBUBB Ultra-broadband is when the actual download connection speed is at least 30 Mbps. Networks in which the connection speed reaches or exceeds 1 Gbps are generically referred to as ultra-fast networks. To enable these speeds, optical fibres must be used instead of traditional copper cables, which is why these networks are called optical access networks (NGANs) or, more simply, optical networks (NGNs).) in Italy

Open Fiber aims to build ultra-broadband (UBB) networkNetwork In computer language, the term network defines a set of hardware and software devices which, when linked together, enable the exchange and sharing of resources, data or information. In a computer network, the devices that generate, route and terminate data are called network nodes. infrastructure to help reduce the digital divideDigital Divide A term to describe the gap between those who can use new information and communication technologies and those who, for technical, economic or social reasons, are unable to use them. Read the news item “Digital divide and social inequality: the role of Open Fiber” to find out more. in Italy and to promote widespread access, from North to South, to fast and efficient connectivity services. A project that Open Fiber is implementing with private and public investment funds.

Work Plan in Black AreasBlack Areas Black Areas are those in which there are, or will be in the near future, at least two different providers of ultra-broadband network services and the provision is taking place under competitive conditions.

Black Areas are the most densely populated urban areas where ultra-broadband deployment is promoted by private funds. In these areas, in recent years, Open Fiber has built fibre-optic infrastructure (FTTHFTTH “Fiber to the Home” is the technology that connects POPs, located in exchanges, to end users’ property units with fiber optics. – Fibre To The Home) in 240 cities with direct investment.

Work Plan in White AreasWhite Areas White Areas are those where private operators have not deemed it worthwhile to invest and therefore lack broadband and ultra-broadband infrastructure.

White Areas are the least densely populated areas, where Open Fiber operates as a public concessionaire after having won the three InfratelInfratel Infratel Italia S.p.A. is an in-house company of the Ministry of Economic Development and is the implementing party of the Government’s Broadband and Ultra-Broadband Plans. For more information visit tenders, the in-house company of the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) that promotes the construction and integration of infrastructure for the use of ultra-broadband internetInternet The word comes from the fusion of the English terms international and net, i.e. international network. This term refers to the worldwide computer network that users all over the world can access via a computer to transmit and share data and information. services in these areas. Open Fiber is responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and 20-year operation – in wholesaleWholesale Open Fiber is a ‘wholesale only’ operator, i.e. it operates exclusively in the wholesale market, offering access on fair and non-discriminatory terms to all interested Market Operators. mode – of the network infrastructure, which remains publicly owned. Currently, we have opened the marketing of connectivity services in more than 4,800 municipalities belonging to these areas.

Work Plan in the Areas of the ‘1 Giga Italy’ Plan

The ‘1 Giga Italy’ Plan Areas are those identified by Infratel after consulting private operators on the mapping of present or planned infrastructure as of 2026. Specifically, these are areas that are not covered by at least one network capable of reliably providing downloadDownload The action of downloading or retrieving data from the network. connection speeds of 300 Mbit/s or more. Open Fiber also participated in the 1 Giga Italy Tender by winning 8 lots in 9 regions (1), to cover the real estate units present in those areas with networks capable of providing connection services with at least 1 Giga download speed reliably. Open Fiber will provide Operators with wholesale access to the subsidised infrastructure.

1. The 8 lots include the following regions: Apulia, Tuscany, Lazio, Sicily, Emilia Romagna, Campania, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Lombardy