Every day we work to enhance the diversity and different strengths of each member of our team, to ensure a working environment characterised by open-mindedness and inclusiveness.

Although these goals are challenging, achieving them allows us not only to gain a competitive advantage from the cultural melting pot, but also to actively participate in increasing the strategic value for the entire national economic system.

Gender Equality & Safeguarding Women

Gender equity is an integral part of our values and the Open Fiber culture.
We guarantee equal entry, career and development opportunities for all our employees by developing tailored programmes to facilitate their inclusion.

Maternity & All Kind Families Care

Family represents a value for us. Support for new parents, integration of leave and holidays, health insurance extended to all types of families, flexible working hours and remote working: these are just some of the initiatives aimed to improve our employees’ well-being.

Disadvantaged Areas & Workers Support

Offering the same opportunities for growth and training makes all the difference. We encourage social inclusion by collaborating with institutions in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and pay special attention to the inclusion of professionals, both junior and senior, from special categories of workers.

Age Management

Real talent is ageless.
We dedicate specific programmes to empower our colleagues through reverse mentoring. An exchange of knowledge between juniors and seniors to maximise everyone’s expertise.


Our people come from over 100 companies and 16 different nationalities. Multiculturalism and interculturalism are a unique opportunity for Open Fiber to preserve and protect.

Disability Confidence

Paying attention to disability requires us not only to overcome any environmental barriers, but also to adopt an approach geared towards valuing diversity. We have structured an organisational process that supports each colleague in achieving their professional goals.