Open Fiber’s competitive advantage lies on the people’s diversity.

We value the diversity and our people’s different strengths to ensure an inclusive, open-minded environment, where excellence is the result of our precious complementarities.

The program “Unique in connecting”

At Open Fiber we believe that the values of uniqueness and diversity that distinguish each one of us are a precious resource, capable of generating a competitive advantage and an impact on the environment, on the people and on the results.

Our “Unique in Connecting” program is dedicated on valuing differences, ensuring equal growing opportunities and supporting an inclusive culture.

In this sense, we act concretely to create a collaborative, solidarity and open to the contribution of all working environment in which interpersonal relationships based on principles of equality and mutual fairness are encouraged.

Our Code of Ethics and our policy on the subject clearly state that Open Fiber does not allow any form of discrimination in relation to gender, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability, health status, nationality, political opinions, social category of belonging and religious faith.

Gender equality is an integral part of our culture. In fact, in addition to ensuring equal opportunities for entry and professional development, we work to eliminate bias and stereotypes through dedicated initiatives and ad hoc programs to promote women empowerment within the organization ensuring equal growing and career opportunities.

Supporting all families is a fundamental value for us. Guide to motherhood/paternity whether biological or not, support for neo-parenting, integration of leave and paid leave, health insurance extended to the whole family, hourly flexibility and Fiber Working, are just some of the initiatives aimed to the physical and psychological well-being of our people.

We constantly work to break down any social barrier by activating recruitment and training projects aimed at promoting multiculturalism and interculturalism. We pay a lot of attention to the integration of junior and senior professionals belonging to particular categories of workers and we promote social inclusion by collaborating with institutions in disadvantaged neighborhoods. We strongly believe in the advantage of being a multicultural organization, currently people in Open Fiber come from over 16 different nationalities.

With the aim of creating a safe and secure working environment, we condemn any act that may be perceived as sexual harassment, be it physical, verbal or psychological. In fact, we are committed to a constant monitoring and prevention of harassment in the workplace, raising awareness and training our people to identify, report and prevent its occurrence.

We are attentive to any disability and to our people’s needs. For this reason, we work to eliminate any physical and social barriers and prejudices that can be activated in this regard, in order to make the working environment even more inclusive.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are constantly striving to promote and uphold the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion through business practices that ensure respect, trust and dialogue.