Progress update on Open Fiber’s optical fiber network

Open Fiber’s optical fiber network is already a reality in many regions of Italy. Check the map to see which municipalities are already covered and those we’re currently working on. This information is provided in accordance with the disclosure and transparency requirements Open Fiber entered into upon winning several Infratel public contracts.

The navigable map shows network implementation progress for FTTH and FWA technology in A&B and C&D clusters.

If the information allows, you can even check the start year for construction in a select municipality (or its Construction Plan) and get progress reports covering: planning, openings, closings, completions, testing and availability to Operators. The following technical information is also provided: real estate unit, PAC/PAL, Execution order amount, Executing Company and DL/CSE Suppliers.

  • Open Fiber has reached about 15 million building units overall
  • By the end 2021, Open Fiber had consolidated its position as Italy’s most important FTTH operator and among the leaders in Europe
  • Open Fiber employs over 8.000 people daily either as staff or through its associated industries
  • Open Fiber’s connectivity-service network is being marketed to 225 medium and large cities and 4.370 smaller municipalities

FTTH – Fiber To The Home;

FWA – Fixed Wireless Access;

UI – Unità Immobiliari;

PAC/PAL – Pubblica Amministrazione Centrale / Pubblica Amministrazione Locale;

Importo OdE – Importo Ordine di Esecuzione;

Fornitore DL/CSE – Fornitore Direttore Lavori / Coordinatore della Sicurezza in fase di Esecuzione;

(*): For FWA connections, in the event that a municipality has the status “Underway” but doesn’t show any information relating to the “OE Amount”, “Contractor” or “PM Supplier/SSC”, this means that the coverage for the PUs belonging to this municipality is ensured by FWA radio base stations positioned in neighbouring municipalities.

(**): Download the table comparing the Open Fiber and Infratel websites in regard to “Work Site Status”.

List of work sites

Download this document to see a list of all work sites whose status is Underway for both FTTH and FWA connections for all municipalities covered by the Infratel tenders won by Open Fiber for the creation of the UBB network in Italy’s White Areas.

Download Data valid as of 7 March 2022