We bring fibre optics to Public Administrations, institutions and schools.

One of our goals is to bring the benefits of fibre optics to institutions, Public Administration and schools. We want to create a Gigabit Society in line with the European plan to achieve ultra-fast bandwidth network coverage of administrative services and school facilities by 2025.

FTTH technology can make a safe and reliable contribution in this regard because it makes it possible to construct a large infrastructure of ultra-broadband (UBB) networks.

UBB makes Public Administration more efficient and more accessible to the general public with digitalised e-government and e-health services, stable connections for teleworking and e-learning, fast public Wi-Fi connections, and the optimisation of connections for research and training and e-mobility services.

Without forgetting the advantages that UBB reserves for local councils for monitoring the municipality, managing public lighting, and digitalising tourism and culture services.

A digital Public Administration that is more in touch with people


With ultra-broadband it is easier to digitalise Public Administration and simplify citizens’ lives with faster, home-based services.


Fibre optics offers valuable help in the area of telemedicine in terms of both treatment and ongoing remote monitoring and assistance of patients.

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