Core concept: “Ultra-broadband (UBB)”. At Open Fiber, we have set ourselves the objective of connecting up Italy – from the big cities to the small villages – to guarantee free access to technology for all and to minimise the digital divide. We want to contribute to the process of transforming each and every municipality by ensuring greater access to technology in day-to-day life and providing a boost to the economy.

In accordance with the Italian Ultra-broadband Strategy, our aim is to guarantee full optical Fiber To The Home coverage for the entire country. This will ensure a reliable, high-performance connection with fast download and upload speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. For a small portion of property units defined as “scattered homes”, this connection will be provided through Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

Coverage plan

Check the map to see all the municipalities covered by the largest BUL network in Italy, which we are creating for Infratel.


Operators Reserved Area

A special area packed with information and documents for all telecommunications operators interested in selling services in the White Areas.