5 October 2023

Environmental, Social, Governance: ESG certification attests the creation and implementation of sustainable practices in a company. Here is how Open Fiber managed to obtain it. 

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Certification consists of a set of criteria related to the management of environmental, social and governance issues that organisations must meet. Open Fiber has been the first Italian company to obtain this recognition from SGS, a world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification services. 

ESG certification: Open Fiber’s journey

Since its foundation, Open Fiber is committed to adopting measures and practices to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment and local communities. For the wiring of ultra-broadbandBroadband The term broadband, in telecommunications, generally refers to the transmission and reception of information data at a connection speed of over 144 kb/s. Broadband organises different channels, conveying different content in the form of data, such as Internet radio, animation, audio files and high-definition video. in Italy, priority has been given to laying techniques that minimise the need for excavations and dust emissions, reusing existing infrastructures where possible. 

In addition, a constant search for innovative technological solutions complements the wiring work. The use of more sustainable materials and products with a longer life cycle have made it possible to create an ultra-broadband networkNetwork In computer language, the term network defines a set of hardware and software devices which, when linked together, enable the exchange and sharing of resources, data or information. In a computer network, the devices that generate, route and terminate data are called network nodes. with high performance and low environmental impact. 

Not only fibre optics: Open Fiber closing the digital gap

The work of a company is not only limited to its operations: sustainable strategies and practices also apply to society and people. 

In fact, fibre optics is an effective tool for reducing the digital gap, giving everyone the opportunity to access the services offered by the digital society

In this way, the fibre optic network enables sustainable transformation from multiple points of view, as the infrastructure is built in a way that protects both the environment and people.

Open Fiber certified ESG: our commitment continues

Not a finishing point but a starting point; Ivan Rebernik, Director of Human Resources, Organization & Facility at Open Fiber, commented on the news with these words: 

“This certification makes us proud and confirms the company’s commitment to sustainability. This recognition does not represent a finishing point, but motivates us to continue our path of integrating ESG issues into the company’s business by continuously innovating our practices and seeking technological solutions that can contribute to the country’s digital development”.

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