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I would like to send you my CV, how can I do this?

To join our team, visit the ‘Careers’ section on our website.


Internships, traineeships and dissertations: who should I contact?

Please write an e-mail to

I’ve sent my CV but I haven’t received a reply. Who should I contact?

Your CV is being evaluated. If your profile matches the open positions in the company, our recruiters will contact you to explain the details and check with your interest and motivation.
If your application is not suitable for the specific role in question it will in any case be considered for potential future openings.

I had an interview, but I am still waiting for a reply. Who should I contact?

Our HR team will contact you to provide feedback on the selection process in which you participated.

I would like to have more details about the ELIS training courses in cooperation with Open Fiber.

If you would like specific information on training courses, please consult the Elis website.

I represent an employment agency and I would like to work with you. Who should I contact?

To join our team, send an e-mail to

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