Open Fiber brings fiber directly to homes, offices, businesses and public administrations, ensuring access to the most advanced internet services, with unprecedented connection efficiency and stability.

Our ultra-fast network is implemented with FTTH (Fiber to the Home) technology. The entire section, from the telephone exchange to the customer’s home is in optical fiber cable, exploiting the full potential of this medium: much faster, more efficient and reliable data transmission. A “future proof” service capable of supporting the full potential of new technologies that will arrive in the coming years.

Network access systems

Connection to a fixed network takes place by laying an underground cable that connects the user’s home or business to the so-called “street cabinet”, which in turn is connected to the telephone exchange via a second cable. The type of cables used to cover these two sections (from the user to the cabinet and from the latter to the telephone exchange) defines the type of connection, which is therefore indicated with different terminologies.

In the case of ADSL, the cables used in the two sections are entirely in copper while, in the case of FTTC technology, one of the connections is in copper and the other in optical fiber.

In these architectures, the copper sections introduce a performance reduction that does not occur in FTTH networks in which optical fiber cables connect the telephone exchanges all the way to commercial buildings, apartment blocks and individual properties.

FTTH is the only technology that can guarantee transmission speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second, performance not achievable with copper (ADSL) or fiber/copper networks (FTTC).