A study commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development and carried out by InfratelInfratel Infratel Italia S.p.A. is an in-house company of the Ministry of Economic Development and is the implementing party of the Government’s Broadband and Ultra-Broadband Plans. For more information visit www.infratelitalia.it Italia divided Italy into four ‘Clusters’, which include Italian municipalities on the basis of their characteristics (presence of infrastructure, population density, presence of companies) to identify the type and cost of interventions to deliver ultra broadbandBroadband The term broadband, in telecommunications, generally refers to the transmission and reception of information data at a connection speed of over 144 kb/s. Broadband organises different channels, conveying different content in the form of data, such as Internet radio, animation, audio files and high-definition video.. The A&B cluster, where about 60% of the Italian population is located, already has infrastructure for fast connections (albeit with limited capacity). The C&D cluster mainly covers White AreasWhite Areas White Areas are those where private operators have not deemed it worthwhile to invest and therefore lack broadband and ultra-broadband infrastructure. where low-speed InternetInternet The word comes from the fusion of the English terms international and net, i.e. international network. This term refers to the worldwide computer network that users all over the world can access via a computer to transmit and share data and information. is available.