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The long-term nature of our objectives and mission is primarily ensured by the figures who make up the company’s senior management team.

This section sets out the Open Fiber company organisational chart, which details staff structure, relationships and tasks. Read more about the members of the Board of Directors, the marketing and sales direction and other senior figures at Open Fiber.

Franco Bassanini


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Open Fiber

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Elisabetta Ripa


CEO and Managing Director of Open Fiber

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Gianluca Acquas


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Simone Bonannini

Marketing and Sales

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Andrea Falessi

External Relations

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Luigi Gambardella

European Affairs

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Francesco Nonno

Regulatory Affairs

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Stefano Paggi

Network & Operations

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Filipa Jorge Ramos

Legal and Corporate Affairs

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Ivan Rebernik

Human Resources & Organization

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Mario Rossetti

Administration, Finance & Control

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Antonio Sannino

Procurement & General Services

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Paolo Perfetti


Company organizational chart