Our Mission

Travelling all at the same speed with fiber optics

Open Fiber was established to build ultra-broadbandBroadband The term broadband, in telecommunications, generally refers to the transmission and reception of information data at a connection speed of over 144 kb/s. Broadband organises different channels, conveying different content in the form of data, such as Internet radio, animation, audio files and high-definition video. (BUL) FTTHFTTH “Fiber to the Home” is the technology that connects POPs, located in exchanges, to end users’ property units with fiber optics. (Fiber To The Home) fiber-optic networkNetwork In computer language, the term network defines a set of hardware and software devices which, when linked together, enable the exchange and sharing of resources, data or information. In a computer network, the devices that generate, route and terminate data are called network nodes. infrastructure in all Italian regions. To achieve our project, we chose the ‘wholesaleWholesale Open Fiber is a ‘wholesale only’ operator, i.e. it operates exclusively in the wholesale market, offering access on fair and non-discriminatory terms to all interested Market Operators.-only’ business model in order to guarantee free access to all interested Operators, on equal terms, providing end-users with a wide choice.

Our mission pursues the goals of the European Digital Agenda, the Italian Ultra-Broadband Strategy and the GigabitGigabit The Gigabit is the unit of measurement that represents 1 billion bits and is abbreviated as Gbit or Gb. This unit of measurement is often used, together with the megabit and the kilobit, in relation to time (in seconds) for calculating the transmission speed of digital signals, mainly used to calculate the speed of a data download. The Gbit/s is currently a widely used unit of measurement to refer to data transmission speed in computer networks. Society. A plan to establish minimum connectivity levels in all European countries for citizens, institutions and companies.

As an infrastructure player, Open Fiber is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the fiber-optic network using FTTH technology, with very high levels of efficiency and reliability.


Our Vision

FTTH fiber optics: real change for the country

At Open Fiber, we want to change people’s lives with new fiber optic technology. From small towns to large metropolitan cities, we want to improve the lifestyle of people, families, businesses and workers by overcoming the digital divideDigital Divide A term to describe the gap between those who can use new information and communication technologies and those who, for technical, economic or social reasons, are unable to use them. Read the news item “Digital divide and social inequality: the role of Open Fiber” to find out more..

More services, more speed, more accessibility and more reliability with FTTH so we can offer the opportunity to do more, faster. Not to mention saving energy so you can devote more time to yourself and your passions.

As an infrastructure operator, at Open Fiber we are involved in the development, management and maintenanceof the optical fiberOptical fiber A cable made of glass fiber through which a light signal is transmitted over long distances for broadband network access. Compared to copper cables, optical fiber can transmit signals much faster, up to 40 Gigabits per second. It is therefore ideal for quickly transferring large amounts of data; it is also unaffected by external interference (electromagnetic interference, temperature variations, etc.). While fiber optics certainly offers the advantage of fast, high-quality and secure data transmission, its high installation cost is a drawback for network builders. Read the news to find out more: “Optical fiber, what it is and how it works”. network with Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology, the only one able to guarantee an ultra-fast connection with extremely high levels of efficiency and reliability.
We have chosen a “wholesale only” business model to guarantee access to all interested operators, under the same conditions, and to provide users with a wide array of choice.

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