Open Fiber S.p.A. was created to install, supply and operate high-speed FTTHFTTH "Fiber to the Home" è la tecnologia che collega i POP, siti nelle centrali, alle unità immobiliari degli utenti finali con la fibra ottica. optical fiber electronic communication networks throughout the Country.

We aim to guarantee coverage of Italy’s major cities and to connect industrial areas in order to create the most extensive and efficient ultra broadband network possible.

From December 2021 – the Company is subject to the management and coordination of the single shareholder Open Fiber Holdings S.p.A., a company 60% owned by CDP Equity S.p.A. (company attributable to the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group) and 40% by Fibre Networks Holdings S.a.r.l. (a company related to the Macquarie Group).

From December 2021 Barbara Marinali is the Chairperson and Mario Rossetti is the Chief Executive Officer and the General Manager of Open Fiber.

Board of Directors


Barbara Marinali

Chief Executive Officer and
General Manager

Mario Rossetti


Roberta Battaglia

Susana Leith-Smith

Geoffrey Shakespeare

Alessandro Tonetti

Supervisory Board


Angelo G. Colombo

Statutory Auditors

Simona Arduini

Silvio Salini