Open Fiber S.p.A. was founded in December 2016 to install, supply and operate high-speed FTTH optical fiber electronic communication networks all over Italy.

We aim to guarantee coverage of the biggest Italian cities and to connect industrial areas in order to create the most extensive and efficient ultra broadband network possible.

The company’s shareholding structure consists of a joint venture between Enel S.p.A. and Cdp Equity S.p.A. (CDPE), a Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group company.

The Company’s Chairman is Franco Bassanini. Francesca Romana Napolitano, after served as a member of the Directive Board of Open Fiber, she has become Company’s Chief Executive Officer in August 2021.

Boards of Directors


Franco Bassanini

Chief Executive Officer

Francesca Romana Napolitano


Giuseppe Conti

Francesca Di Carlo

Matteo Fanciullacci

Alessandro Tonetti

Supervisory Board


Donatella Cinelli

Statutory Auditors

Andrea Donnini

Pietro La China