Open Fiber for the Environment

All initiatives to protect the environment, urban decency and international reforestation. We want to initiate a process of dynamic change aimed at the increasingly conscious use of natural resources, meeting the needs of our people, for the benefit of the whole system.

For a more connected… and greener world!

Fiber is no longer just about digital: we want to go one step further in protecting the environment by creating a forest. “Happy B-day & New Born” is the name of the initiative involving the entire Open Fiber community. On the day of their birthday, or the birth or adoption of a child, every colleague receives a special e-mail. Inside, in addition to good wishes, is a link to plant their own tree. We celebrate life with life.
The goal is to plant 1,100 trees in Sicily and Cameroon by the end of this year. Treedom will handle the supply throughout the partnership. On their website, you can visit the OF forest with all the trees already allocated. A virtual journey within a growing ecosystem.

A new dream: supporting the environment and local communities

Our mission is to create a more digital and cleaner world and we are following every possible avenue to do so. This is also why we decided to invest in fiber optics, one of the most environmentally friendly technologies currently available. More efficient than copper cable, it requires less maintenance and less residue emission into the atmosphere during installation, operation, maintenance and use. Indeed, compared to other networkNetwork In computer language, the term network defines a set of hardware and software devices which, when linked together, enable the exchange and sharing of resources, data or information. In a computer network, the devices that generate, route and terminate data are called network nodes. infrastructure, full-fiber networks do not require energy when not being used for transmission. However, our green vocation does not only stop with technical choices. The partnership with Treedom also allows us to make a contribution to the fight against climate change and to the livelihood of small communities in remote areas.

Digital and plant-based fibres: we are weaving the web for a greener world.

Towards a plastic-free world!

Year after year, the plastic emergency is becoming more and more alarming. Suffice it to say that, every 5 days, an Italian produces an average of 1 kg of plastic waste, while worldwide, every year, as much as 396 tonnes are produced. Helping to create a plastic-free world is not only desirable, but a concrete project that can be achieved thanks to every individual’s contribution. This is why we at Open Fiber are increasingly aiming to become a plastic-free company.

Following the provision of separate waste bags and the installation of drinking water dispensers, it is now time for water bottles. We invited our colleagues to further reduce their daily consumption of plastic by distributing Open Fiber branded water bottles produced with zero CO2 emissions. A new challenge that will seek to spread sustainable culture and good practices, both at work and in everyday life. The initiative will also contribute to an international reforestation project.

Together for society!

Our cities deserve a better future. And we at Open Fiber have always been proud to take care of them. With the OF For Community initiative, we are promoting an initiative to upgrade and restore urban decency in parts of Rome, Milan and Naples. Actions that show how much we can and must personally act to ensure that the environment around us is as protected, safeguarded and future-proofed as possible. Everyone can contribute in their own small way to making their city better and we at Open Fiber are ready to set this example. It really does not take much to be useful!