Welfare at Open Fiber

A company’s main asset is its employees.

Flexible working hours, welfare, work-life balance, health insurance and wellness services are just part of what we do to improve our employees’ quality of life.

Well-being at work

In 2019, 46% of employees converted their performance bonus into welfare goods and services. This is a significant figure that markedly deviates from the average for the telecommunications sector.

Open Welfare: the portal that makes the difference

This great success is largely due to the Open Welfare portal, an exclusive platform devoted to all Open Fiber employees. The portal is the heart of the initiative and gives all employees access to an extensive range of services. With a simple click, you can activate ‘time-saving’ measures and health insurance or employ qualified professionals for tax returns, directly through the company.

But that’s not all. There are numerous activities on the portal, including work-life balance and caring measures to offer families different types of support.

People are the driving force behind the company and it is our task to listen to and assess their needs, including through targeted surveys, in order to offer them new services.

A family-oriented company.

Work-life balance is certainly one of our main goals, which is why we try to offer a working environment where both can be reconciled. One example is ‘Back to school’, designed to meet the needs of our colleagues and their families. The initiative allows all our colleagues to request special permission to accompany their children on their first day of school. This is a way for us to make parents feel closer to their children at important stages in their lives. A way for them to feel part of a company that values family and personal well-being.

We coach our values because every great team depends on people.

In the field, as in the workplace, goals can only be achieved when strategies and visions are shared. This is why Sport Lab was created, a training programme with the aim of coaching our corporate values through the voices of prominent sports champions.

Four cities are involved: Rome, Milan, Naples and Bologna.

Four disciplines: running, freediving, calisthenics, and volleyball.

Four champions: Ivana di Martino, Mike Maric, Igor Cassina and Maurizia Cacciatori.

A thousand reasons to participate!

From North to South: training days devoted to reflection, sharing and fun.

Never change a winning team!

This applies to both work and play. Sports promote great human values and also play a central role in our colleagues’ out-of-office activities.

Sport can make a team more united and cohesive, motivating people to achieve common goals. Our commitment is to create opportunities for people’s well-being, helping to strengthen their bond with colleagues and the workplace. Numerous sporting events have been organised so far: in the Beach Volleyball and Five-a-side Football tournaments alone, more than 200 people have participated so far, playing against each other with enthusiasm and healthy competition, sometimes even facing other companies as part of charity initiatives.

Personal well-being: one of our priorities

We have always cared about our employees’ well-being, which is why we started the Employee Assistance Programme initiative.

The service, offered by Open Fiber, guarantees all employees and their families an opportunity to receive psychological, legal and fiscal support free of charge, anonymously and confidentially.

The programme includes:

  • unlimited remote psychological counselling;
  • three in-person psychological counselling sessions per year in the employee’s municipality of residence or preference;
  • five annual legal and tax information remote consultations

Services are provided through access to the dedicated web platform, where you can choose the communication channel best suited to your needs (telephone counselling, video counselling, chat and contact form, which can be booked by telephone or via the web platform).