Open Fiber for society

Social responsibility starts in the workplace, which is why we have implemented new strategies aimed at involving employees in projects to promote health and safety for all.

We give our best

50% of Italians, approximately 30 million people, are eligible to donate blood. However, just 2% of the population does so on a regular basis. Yet just one hour’s donation would be enough to save three lives. This is a very important neighbourly act that can be performed by anyone who has reached the legal age. Donating blood is extremely important and we at Open Fiber have always supported it. In this regard, we took part in the 15th World Blood Donor Day, promoted by the World Health Organisation under the slogan “safe blood for all”.

Through the ‘Where ARE U’ app, linked to the 112 emergency number, we make our defibrillator available to the entire community. Having a defibrillator at Open Fiber allows us to safeguard the health of all those who work at our premises, while also protecting the health of all citizens.