The latest edition of the Open Fiber Cup has just concluded. We review the grand finale together

Organised in collaboration with ESL Italy, it is the first cross-platform online competition dedicated to Apex Legends, set up and run in Italy by Bryan ‘BryanBox’ Ronzani.

Apex Legends and its rise

The free-to-play video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts has attracted great interest among gamers around the world with 10 million users in the first 72 hours since its release.

Apex Legends made its debut on the Italian competition scene with the new 2021-2022 winter season, which started on 27 November. It soon received several awards in its field, particularly in the multiplayer categories. The cast of characters was particularly praised for its diversity.

The video game includes both voice communication with teammates and an advanced communication system via ping that allows players to indicate important information on the map, such as the location of places to reach or of weapons, equipment and enemies.

The most exciting moments of the final

The competitions were conducted in 3V3 mode and the contest was followed and streamed by several channels, generating a lot of hype, not only among gamers, but also among gaming enthusiasts.

On 18 January 2022, the competition ended with the grand finale followed by live streaming on twitch by over 300,000 people.

140 participating teams have been battling it out since November 2021. Amongst those who excelled in the various tournaments – ClaudioneFanBoys, Bagherafex, EGA Gaming, ZBW, Huskies Esports and MantaX – the ZBW team took the podium and was awarded a prize pool of €4,000 in Amazon vouchers.