Open Fiber – Urban Tales: Digital Transformation is the best fairytale of all!

The biggest changes are invisible and we at Open Fiber have chosen to tell them through people’s stories. Connecting Italy to the ultra-fast networkNetwork In computer language, the term network defines a set of hardware and software devices which, when linked together, enable the exchange and sharing of resources, data or information. In a computer network, the devices that generate, route and terminate data are called network nodes. means shortening distances, improving communication and opening up new opportunities. When fiber optics comes to a city, it profoundly changes its character and residents’ lives change accordingly.

Here are our Urban Tales: unique and at times surreal stories of those who are experiencing the great change of ultra-broadbandBroadband The term broadband, in telecommunications, generally refers to the transmission and reception of information data at a connection speed of over 144 kb/s. Broadband organises different channels, conveying different content in the form of data, such as Internet radio, animation, audio files and high-definition video. connectivity.

Urban Tales Milan: The BufferingBuffering A buffer is an area of a computer’s memory that temporarily handles information while it is being transferred to another computer. When streaming multimedia content, buffering refers to the operation of pre-loading a certain amount of data (typically spanning a few seconds) before showing a video or playing a piece of music in order to prevent ‘hiccup’ effects due to momentary network congestion. Man

The city that never stood still… stopped.

You have to be fast to avoid missing out on the best opportunities. Marco’s story describes a hectic Milan where small details are moments of poetry in pastel shades. Chasing a pink ribbon, Marco manages to keep up with the pace of the city and – above all – of his heart.

Together with Antonio Chiesa, Open Fiber Lombardy Regional Manager, we discuss Milan’s vocation as a smart city.

Urban Tales Perugia: Lost Signal

Giulio realised that his world was gradually disappearing.

In a Perugia as mighty as the walls that have defended its history, feeling increasingly isolated means, for Giulio, losing his identity. Yet, for those who embrace change, everything can be recovered and never lost again, despite the distance.

Marco Alunni, City Manager of Italy’s first smart city, talks about the importance of embracing the future without tarnishing the past.

Urban Tales Bari: Smemory Girl

Chiara no longer wanted to say goodbye to anything: she wanted to shut out the world.

What would it be like to live in a reality where, in order to make room for new experiences, you have to erase memories of past ones and forget the people in your life? In a city that thrives on cultural contamination, change means no longer placing limits on how much you can experience and learn.

Giovanni Cassano, Bari City Manager, talks to us about cabling our gateway to the East.

Urban Tales Cagliari: UpDate Me

As had been the case with those old objects, Maria also felt sidelined.

Being out of step with the present means not being able to share your passions with the world or express the most authentic part of yourself. Cagliari, with its crystal clear sea, is the backdrop to a story in which several generations meet, interact and save each other.

Gianfranco Podda, Cagliari Field Manager, explains what it means to live on an island without being isolated.