24 Giugno 2021

24 June 2021 – Open Fiber has created the xPoP Backbone, the digital highway that allows data to travel at maximum speed and security and with lower latency between the main nodes of the Internet network in Italy. In a world where the digitisation of business and the public administration are becoming ever more crucial to economic growth and social progress, it is essential to guarantee not only adequate performance, but also business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of threats to its functionality. 

The xPoP Backbone is essentially a higher level layer directly connecting all the major Italian Data Centres and Neutral Access Points and the key landing points for international data traffic in Italy (Cable Landing Stations). Clients can have dedicated, redundant and diversified connections, so that they can guarantee maximum reliability to their end customers. Open Fiber uses the latest optical transport technologies and has already tested innovative solutions transmitting up to 800 Gbps on a single optical channel.

More and more business-critical applications are migrating to remote cloud environments, with the result that the amount of DC to DC (data centre to data centre) data is set to grow significantly, stated Simone Bonannini, Marketing and Commercial Director of Open Fiber. “It is therefore vital that these applications are available regardless of where the IT infrastructure actually resides. This inevitably means focusing on adequate connectivity in terms of capacity and performance. The creation of Open Fiber’s xPop Backbone goes a long way to guaranteeing operators the highest levels of resilience, performance and security required by Cloud Computing services.”

About Open Fiber

With over 11.5 million properties already ultra-broadband connected and a target of around 20 million, Open Fiber boasts the most widespread fiber-only infrastructure in Italy and the third in Europe. 

Open Fiber’s network connects homes, businesses and government offices, and is interlinked with all the key data centres, neutral access points and cable landing stations in Italy. Open Fiber combines the capillarity of its own access network with an ultra-modern backbone to give it one of the most advanced telecommunications service portfolios in Europe.

The business model is that of a wholesale-only operator, which makes its network available on equal terms to all interested operators and does not sell directly to end customers.

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