Open Fiber arrives in the city and completely changes its appearance.

The possibility of having extensive ultra-fast connections and high levels of performance means regional and urban transformation, digital infrastructure for modern smart cities, social innovation and the ability to meet the new needs of the general public.

Because if the city changes, so to do its inhabitants and their ways of experiencing it.

Urban Tales explores all of this. Normal people with special stories to tell who are experiencing an incredible change, against the backdrop of a city that has been completely modernised thanks to FTTH optical fiber.

A series of surreal urban tales which describe how the arrival of a technology designed to shorten distances, improve communication and make new services and new possibilities available can improve our daily lives.

Open Fiber is changing cities and will change you too.

The contents of this section are only available in Italian.

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The Buffering Man

Check out the first episode of Urban Tales set in modern Milan

The second episode of Urban Tales takes us to historic Perugia

Lost Signal

Smemory Girl

Discover the fairytale of Chiara in the third episode of Urban Tales, set in enchanting Bari!

Watch the fourth and final episode of Urban Tales and discover the wonderful fairytale of Maria which takes us to Cagliari!

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